What to be on the lookout for during Trump’s court appearance 2023

Donald Trump, the first former president to face criminal charges, will appear in a Miami federal courthouse Tuesday afternoon.

A magistrate judge will arraign Trump at 3 p.m. ET when US Marshals arrest him. He’ll deny the accusations.

Last Friday, special counsel Jack Smith indicted Trump on 37 counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice and mishandling confidential information at Mar-a-Lago. Walt Nauta, Trump’s adviser, was also indicted.

The Manhattan district attorney accused Trump in April for hush money payments to an adult film star, but Smith’s indictment is the first federal allegation against a former president.

The indictment is controversial, and law enforcement is preparing for big protests outside the Miami courthouse. Trump will speak Tuesday night at his Bedminster, New Jersey, property.

Trump arrives at court—what happens?

Trump will be arrested and processed inside. Deputy US Marshals will electronically fingerprint Trump but not take a mugshot.

Trump will be arraigned by Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman. Trump must acknowledge his Sixth Amendment rights, including his right to a speedy trial, to the magistrate court.

Trump is anticipated to plead not guilty to all 37 accusations and waive a formal reading of the indictment.

Federal prosecutors will seek the magistrate court to limit Trump’s conversations with potential witnesses to prevent witness tampering. Trump may be freed on bail pending trial.

No-cost personal recognizance does not guarantee future appearances. Instead, the defendants are trusted to return to court.

Judge Alieen Cannon, who will preside over the criminal case, may set a preliminary hearing at this initial appearance.

Trump may not leave the Miami courthouse Tuesday, unlike his New York arraignment. Former Miami police chief Jorge Colina told CNN Monday that Trump’s convoy may access the courthouse’s basement parking.

Who represents Trump?

After last week’s indictment, two of Trump’s attorneys, Jim Trusty and John Rowley, resigned.

On Tuesday, Trump will appear in court with white-collar criminal defense lawyer Todd Blanche. The arraignment requires a southern district of Florida-licensed counsel for Trump. Some of his lawyers fit this bill.

CNN said that Trump’s team has been reaching out to Florida-based attorneys and companies to recruit more lawyers but has struggled to get experienced counsel. According to CNN, Trump spoke with possible candidates in Miami the day before his arrest, pressing his legal staff to be more aggressive against the Justice Department.

Stanley Woodward, a Trump Save America PAC-funded attorney, will represent Nauta.

Who’s on special counsel?

Trump is not alone in hiring southern Florida lawyers. At least two Miami US attorneys work for Smith.

Karen Gilbert, a veteran Miami prosecutor, oversaw the Mar-a-Lago national security case involving a Chinese trespasser. Gilbert was part of the team that prepared Mar-a-Lago for the FBI’s classified papers inquiry last August.

People informed on the subject told CNN that the special counsel’s office decided in recent months to launch the case in Florida instead of Washington, DC, where they first employed a grand jury to gather evidence.

The sources said the venue issues made it evident that prosecutors would have to seek charges in Miami, which includes Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club.

Trump’s co-defendant?

Nauta, a Navy veteran, was Trump’s valet before becoming his executive assistant and personal aide. The special counsel indictment included six charges. Obstruction and concealment charges are included.

Trump took Nauta to Florida on Monday.

According to the indictment, Nauta, following Trump’s orders, took boxes out of a storage area that was intended to be examined by a Trump attorney in response to a subpoena and only returned part of them before the search.

Nauta allegedly lied to investigators about how crates arrived to Mar-a-Lago and whether they were secured.

How’s security?

In preparation for Trump’s Tuesday appearance, security agencies and local law police have met many times to plan building security. FBI, DHS, and Miami Police Department monitor social media threats.

As of Monday afternoon, only law enforcement security tape, plastic barricades, and policemen were visible.

Miami Chief of Police Manuel Morales told reporters Monday that the agency was working with local law enforcement and federal agencies to prepare for Tuesday and had the resources to manage crowds of 5,000 to 50,000 people.

The Federal Protective Service, part of DHS, will secure the courthouse building on Tuesday, while the US Marshals Service will protect citizens. The Secret Service will safeguard the former president.

Trump’s actions after court?

After court Tuesday, the former president will return to Bedminster, New Jersey.

Trump will speak at 8:15pm ET from his Bedminster golf club, his campaign stated.

Trump did the same after his April New York arraignment. He returned to Mar-a-Lago and spoke to supporters that night.

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