Step closer to next Balearic government agreement 2023

On Tuesday, the newly elected parliamentary board will take their seats, and the new Balearic parliament will be formally established.

It appeared that the head of the Partido Popular, Marga Prohens, would not be able to reach an agreement with Vox due to the fact that the PP has been adhering to a policy of ruling on their own and with a PP president serving as the speaker of parliament.

It is now certain that the election of the speaker will require the support of a majority of the members of parliament; the People’s Party and the Vox can muster a total of 34 votes between them, with 30 being a majority. It is anticipated that Gabriel Le Senne would assume the role of president of parliament.

PP members agreed Vox should hold the parliament president.

This compromise, it is hoped by the PP, would be sufficient to allow Vox to abstain when it comes to voting for the investiture of Marga Prohens as the next president of the government of the Balearic Islands. This is anticipated to take place the following week.

The PP have also compromised on several requests that were made by Vox, such as those pertaining to language. The agreement reached by the two sides makes reference, for example, to the availability of many options for the first language taught in schools.

Despite the agreements that were achieved, the national head of the PP, Alberto Nlez Feijoo, stated on Monday that a minority administration consisting solely of the PP was not a hundred percent certainty. He made this statement.

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