Starmer loses poll lead to Tories after local elections 2023

In a boost for the prime minister following a disappointing showing in the local elections, Labour’s poll advantage over the Conservatives has shrunk to its smallest margin since Rishi Sunak became prime minister. This is the narrowest margin that Labour has had since Rishi Sunak took office as prime minister.

According to a study that was carried out by Redfield & Wilton Strategies on May 7, Labour was at 41% of the vote, which was five points lower than little over a week before, while the Conservatives were at 29%, which was one point more than before.

Since Rishi Sunak took over for Liz Truss in October of last year, Labour has tied its smallest advantage over the Conservative Party with its current lead of 12 points.

The municipal elections dealt a serious blow to Starmer, as Labour’s poll advantage over the Conservatives shrank.

Despite suffering a loss of around one thousand councillors at the hands of voters the week prior, the results will provide Conservative MPs with some cause for optimism that the party is moving in the right way.

The survey also showed that support for the Liberal Democrats has increased, with the party’s overall score reaching its highest point total since the 2019 general election. The Liberal Democrats’ score increased by four percentage points, reaching 16 percent overall.

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