Rate or Safe Card? PM Modi Blasts Oppn For Stealing Youth 2023

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Opposition parties of stealing from the youth. PM Modi blasted the Opposition’s “rate card” tactics at the “Rozgaar Mela” and stated the BJP is “safe carding” the youth’s future.

As part of Rozgar Mela, the Prime Minister sent at least 70,000 appointment letters to prospective recruits.

3 Things You Need To Know

  • PM Modi asks the country if they want a ‘rate card’ or’safe card’ administration.
  • The Prime Minister accused past regimes of corruption and robbing the youth.
  • In the government’s Rozgar Mela initiative, he sent over 70,000 appointment letters to prospective recruits.

Rate or secure? Asks Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused previous governments of corruption and stated various political parties use dynast politics. PM Modi asked people if they choose a “rate card” or a “safe card” and claimed the saffron party is working to protect the country’s young.

“On one side there are dynast parties, parties doing corruption, parties looting the youth of the country… their way is ‘rate card’ while we are working to’safe card’ the youth’s future.

“Rate cards shatter your dreams, but we are making your resolutions come true,” PM Modi remarked while electronically addressing the Rozgaar Mela event.

Modi gives 70,000 appointment letters

PM Modi presented over 70,000 appointment letters to new appointees on Tuesday, securing the country’s young. “These job fairs have become the new identity of the NDA and BJP government,” the Prime Minister stated during the occasion. I’m glad BJP governments keep holding employment fairs.”

“India is more stable, secure, and stronger than a decade ago. Political corruption, plan disruptions, and wasteful spending. Today, the Indian government is known for its decisiveness, unlike the earlier regimes. He continued, “Today, the Government of India is recognized for its economic and progressive social reforms.”

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