Rishi Sunak, a “posh boy,” denies Nadine Dorries a peerage 2023

Nadine Dorries accused “posh boys” Rishi Sunak and James Forsyth of blocking her peerage.

at an appearance with TalkTV, where she also presents, the ex-culture secretary accused the PM of using “weasel words” and “sophistry” at a meeting with Mr. Johnson last week.

“I’m broken-hearted, not just for me but for everyone from a background like mine,” she added.

Former London mayoral candidate Sean Bailey, Conservative Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen, and former No 10 head of staff Dan Rosenfield joined Boris Johnson’s resignation honours in the House of Lords.

COP26 President Alok Sharma, Nadine Dorries, and ex-minister Nigel Adams were not included. Indignant Ms Dorries and Mr Adams quit.

“We will have an influx of new talent into this House—all of whom, sadly, appallingly and disgracefully, will be Conservative members, with no new opposition peers at all,” former Labour minister Lord Foulkes of Cumnock told parliament yesterday.

Mr Sunak “duplicitously and cruelly” misled Mr Johnson.

Lord Foulkes said Mr. Johnson “bullied the prime minister” into accepting the resignation honours.

“This list, put forward by Mr. Boris Johnson, who bullied the prime minister into accepting it, is very interesting in many ways,” he remarked.

Mr. Johnson called the prime minister “talking rubbish” about his House of Lords appointments yesterday. “To honour these peerages it was not necessary to overrule HOLAC—but simply to ask them to renew their vetting, which was a mere formality,” he stated.

Rishi Sunak stated, “Boris Johnson asked me to do something that I wasn’t prepared to do, because I didn’t think it was right. That meant overruling the Holac committee or promising people.

I wasn’t ready to do that, therefore he wasn’t correct. If people don’t like that, tough”.

Mr. Johnson has pledged to return to politics, referencing Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator.

“I’ll be back,” the ex-PM told to Sources.

He added: “We must fully deliver on Brexit and the 2019 manifesto. We must defeat Labour next election. Only ultimate triumph and Brexit will do”.

On Wednesday, MPs will discover that Mr. Johnson intentionally deceived them about Downing Street gatherings during the epidemic.

According to the Times, the privileges committee dismissed the former prime minister’s claim that top officials assured him Covid guidelines and instructions were followed in No 10.

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