Political pundit? Outsider Anthony Furey runs for mayor 2023

Toronto’s mayoral election was a long shot when Anthony Furey filed his nomination papers.

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The conservative writer, a city hall outsider, said he could bring a “fresh perspective” to Canada’s most populated city’s challenges, concentrating on public safety.

Furey believes his message is resonating.

One survey put him in the top three. He participated in subsequent discussions despite not being asked to previous ones.

“It feels really good to be the only candidate with momentum right now,” Furey remarked in a recent interview.

Former Toronto Sun writer Furey may be best recognized. His writing has opposed COVID-19 pandemic measures and Islam.

His fellowship at True North, a right-wing digital media outlet sponsored by the True North Centre for Public Policy, is on hold.

Furey’s mayoral campaign focused on addiction, crime, the growing cost of living, and Toronto’s approximately $1-billion budget gap.

He has proposed transferring funding from the city’s climate action program, which is ahead of its objectives, to hire 500 more police officers and other measures. He will replace safe injection locations with treatment centers.

Siemiatycki claimed Furey’s policies lack substance.

“Right now, we have a culture that is enabling addiction and people are tired of it,” Furey added.

As mayor, he promised no additional taxes and no bike lanes on key routes.

Furey faces conservative candidates ex-police chief Mark Saunders and city councilman Brad Bradford, who likewise prioritize public safety.

Myer Siemiatycki, a Toronto Metropolitan University politics professor emeritus, said conservative voters may be considering Furey as an option to Saunders and Bradford, who are behind left-leaning front-runner Olivia Chow.

Siemiatycki said that Furey’s absence from most mayoral discussions may have strengthened him.

“His views and he himself as a candidate has not been challenged because he hasn’t been in debates,” the professor added. Ironically, that has helped him.

“He is proposing a number of very simple solutions to complicated issues that will worsen situations,” said Siemiatycki.

He advocated for mental health care, youth housing, and jobs to reduce crime.

He also branded Furey’s “war” on bike lanes “dangerous” and warned closing safe injection sites will worsen traffic and endanger bikers.

Furey claimed he’s sincere and his proposals are resonating with voters.

“My campaign is authentic,” he remarked. “People can tell I cared about it.”

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