Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim: From Prison to Prime Minister 2023

What does the long-awaited ascent of Anwar Ibrahim imply for Malaysians in the light of the unparalleled political turmoil that has just taken place?
Anwar Ibrahim, who had spent decades as a prominent member in the opposition, was elected prime minister of Malaysia in November 2022.

His nomination follows a contentious election that was marked by an unprecedented deadlock in parliament, significant gains made by a conservative Muslim party, and heightened tensions between different racial groups.

The election highlighted the developing fault lines in Malaysia, most notably an electorate that is polarized between groups that favor religious conservatism and multiculturalism respectively.

Now Anwar is tasked with the difficult challenge of delivering on long-promised changes while also uniting the nation and preserving political stability.

Anwar Ibrahim is interviewed by 101 East as he navigates his first six months in office and considers the challenges that lie ahead for both himself and Malaysia.

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