Mark McGowan’s resignation undermines Labor’s federal election campaign 2023

The fact that Mark McGowan is standing down as Premier of Western Australia “hurts” Labor’s campaign for the federal election, according to the Political Editor of Sky News, Andrew Clennell.

According to Mr. Clennell, Labor gained five seats in the most recent federal election and currently holds a majority in the house consisting of three MPs.

He stated that “the chances of the Liberals snatching back some of those five are greater today, there’s absolutely no doubt about it,” adding that “the chances of the Conservatives snatching back some of those five are even lower.”

Mark McGowan’s departure hurts Labor’s federal election campaign.

“There was a personal vote for Mark McGowan,” explains one observer. “Many traditional Liberal voters and supporters voted because it was McGowan more than it was Labor,” adds another. “Some of them took that vote federally.”

“I believe it damages Labor’s campaign for the upcoming federal election — we’re a long way off… But if you were thinking about a potential shift toward the federal Liberal party in Washington right now… you’d feel better now than you did yesterday.”

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