Japan Expands Category II Residence Status Amid Labor Shortage 2023

During a Cabinet meeting on Friday, the government made the decision to broaden the eligibility requirements for foreign employees to get the Category II resident status. It will grow from its existing two fields to eleven fields in total.

During a relevant ministerial meeting, it was determined before to the meeting that the foreign technical intern training program that was intended towards international contribution would be dissolved. This decision was made before the meeting. The protection of human resources will be the primary emphasis of the new system that will be developed.

Category I has a total of 12 different resident status areas, each of which has a maximum residency length of five years and is geared for regular laborers. Already included in the Category II work authorization for foreign nationals with superior talents are the sectors of construction and shipbuilding and ship machinery.

As a result of the decision made on Friday, nine of the Category I fields would be moved down to Category II. These include the cleaning of buildings, the repair of automobiles, agriculture, the fishing industry, and the food service industry.

The expansion was necessitated by the requirements of a number of different businesses, all of which are dealing with significant labor shortages as a direct result of an aging population and a falling birthrate.

In Category II, the number of possible renewals is not capped, and the visa can be extended for an indefinite period of time, with family members permitted to accompany the traveler. It is envisaged that the reforms would bring about long-term work opportunities at a variety of firms.

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