Mortgage ‘catastrophe’ boosts Blue Wall Labour support 2023

A new source of stress for Rishi Sunak has emerged in the form of the Labour Party’s expansion of the “Blue Wall” poll advantage it has had over the Conservative Party since March.

Sir Keir Starmer has a seven-point advantage over the Conservative Party, according to a recent study that was done by Redfield & Wilton Strategies between June 17-18. The survey found that Labour received 38% of the vote, while the Conservative Party received 31%.

A survey that was taken on June 4 showed that Labour was ahead by four points, while the Conservatives were ahead by one point. However, Labour continued to expand its lead by three points.

Mortgage ‘catastrophe’ boosts Blue Wall Labour support.

The term “Blue Wall” refers to 42 seats in the south of England that were recently won by the Conservative Party, including areas that have historically offered the party robust support.

The dismal poll results for the Conservatives come amid warnings of a potential “catastrophe” for the mortgage industry, and it is anticipated that persistently high inflation data will compel the Bank of England to boost interest rates once again tomorrow.

According to research conducted by The Telegraph, a potential revolt on the part of mortgage holders might cost one in every three Conservative MPs their seats in the upcoming general election.

According to newly released statistics, the number of homeowners who are confronted with skyrocketing repayments is more than the party’s majority in more than a third of the seats it now occupies.

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