Iran Condemns Israeli Desecration of the Quran 2023

The Holy Quran was desecrated by Zionist government settlers in the West Bank, according to a spokesman for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who issued a strong condemnation of the act.

On Friday, Nasser Kanaani sent out a tweet in response to an attack on the town of Urif in the northern West Bank carried out by a gang of Israeli settlers. Urif is located south of Nablus.

“This fake regime does not have any red lines when it comes to insulting religious sanctities and violating human rights,” the spokesman said. “The barbaric raid by Zionists on mosques and their desecration of the Holy Quran, the destruction of homes, and the daily killing of children, women, and defenseless Palestinians shows this,” the spokesman said.

According to the website of the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he further stated that “the supportive silence of Western governments will only embolden the Zionists to continue their atrocities.”

The Israeli terrorists forced their way into a local mosque on Friday and destroyed it before tearing the pages of a copy of the Muslim holy book and hurling it out onto the street.

More than a dozen Palestinians have been killed so far this week as a result of violence that has been instigated either by the Israeli military or by armed Israeli settlers.

One Palestinian guy was one among those slain as hundreds of settlers went on a rampage across the town of Turmus Ayya in the north-central West Bank on Wednesday. The community is located in the West Bank.

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