Bersatu man claims government delayed Political Financing Act 2023

Wan Saiful Wan Jan, a member of parliament for Tasek Gelugor, has leveled the accusation that the administration is “delaying” the tabling of the Political Financing Act under the pretext of requiring more time to interact with its friends within the unity government and other stakeholders.

The former head of information for Bersatu wrote a post on Facebook in which he questioned the validity of Putrajaya’s “excuse” that it wants the law to be all-encompassing and inclusive.

According to Wan Saiful, the parties that make up the unity government are well-established and have already been involved in the process of drafting the law.

Since a draft of the law has already been developed, and research on the topic were concluded a long time ago, “The Political Financing Act” is one of the legislation that will have the least amount of difficulty passing through Parliament.

The government must introduce one provision for money distribution.

In his response, he was referring to a written response sent to him on May 25 by Azalina Othman Said, minister of law and institutional reform, in response to his questions on the proposed new law, including constituency assignments.

According to Azalina, the Cabinet needs to provide its approval before any policy adjustments can be made about the proposed bill.

She also stated that a new engagement with political parties and other stakeholders was important in light of the political events that followed the most recent general election. Specifically, she mentioned the emergence of new political coalitions as one of these political developments.

Wan Saiful continued by making a plea to all parties involved, in particular the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have been lobbying in favor of the Act, to put more pressure on the government in order to accomplish their goals.

He remarked, “Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim will keep forgetting his promises as long as there isn’t continuous pressure on him.”

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