UK and US praise ‘Atlantic statement’ to challenge Russia and China 2023

During Rishi Sunak’s first trip to the White House as prime minister, the United Kingdom and the United States made an announcement regarding a new strategic partnership “for a new age” in order to combat Russia, China, and economic instability.

A new and deeper relationship in defense, nuclear energy, and the supply of vital metals for the energy transition has been established as a result of the so-called “Atlantic declaration.”

“Countries like China and Russia are willing to manipulate and exploit our openness, steal our intellectual property, use technology for authoritarian ends, or withdraw crucial resources like energy,” said Sunak.

“Our openness allows them to do all of these things.” “They are not going to be successful. We have reached an agreement on the ‘Atlantic Declaration,’ a new economic cooperation for a new era, the likes of which have never been reached before.

UK and US applaud ‘Atlantic statement’ to challenge Russia and China

As part of the strategy, the two nations will collaborate to improve supply chains, increase industry investment, and advance the development of next-generation technologies.

The leaders also came to an agreement on a new civil nuclear alliance that would boost cooperation in green energy production and will advocate for AI regulation. This collaboration will reduce the leaders’ reliance on energy supplied by Russia.

However, the agreement is still a long way from the free trade pact that London has been advocating for ever since it became clear that it would no longer be a member of the European Union beyond the year 2020.

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