Thousands protest Tasmania’s $700m+ AFL stadium amid housing crisis 2023

A senator known for her impassioned opinions told the government of one state to “take a hike” as thousands protested a multimillion-dollar development.

On Saturday, frustrated Tasmanians gathered on the lawns of Parliament House to protest the proposed construction of a $700 million-plus stadium.

As the housing and expense of living crisis grips the nation, Tasmanians congregated to oppose the proposed new Macquarie Point stadium, which would cost $715 million to construct.

The decision to spend taxpayer money on a new AFL venue has polarized the community, with only ardent football enthusiasts supporting the initiative.

As the housing situation intensifies, thousands of outraged locals in one state have protested a $700m+ AFL stadium.

However, this is a bitter medicine to stomach for those who struggle to afford daily expenses.

The state Labor and Green parties have opposed the proposal since it was first proposed in 2022, despite the construction being contingent on Tasmania being granted an AFL team license by the end of the decade.

On Saturday, those opposed to the decision, including senator Jacqui Lambie, demonstrated in front of Parliament House by chanting.

“Team, yes, but stadium, no.” The audience could be heard chanting, “Tell the AFL where to go” and “We don’t eat stadiums or submarines.”

Senator Lambie joined other musicians in singing “Put your stadium up your rear.”

She stated, “Tasmanians have had enough of your stadium!”

“Stuff it up your rear end!”

People attended with signs bearing anti-development slogans.

One woman held a sign stating that the decision was a “bad idea made worse by failing the Tasmanian people and losing homes for Tasmanians.”

In a recent statement defending his decision, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese revealed that the site had been evaluated since 2012, when he served as infrastructure minister under Julia Gillard.

“This site has been abandoned for far too long,” said the Prime Minister.

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