Put aside party politics and support the children 2023

Young players line up along foul lines before the first games of the day or evening. The “Star Spangled Banner” plays as they salute our nation. Does our nation appreciate our children? Its existence is currently unproven.

America’s worst failing is not safeguarding children from nuts who invade schools with AR15s and other automatic firearms to kill them and their teachers. Republicans criticize the absence of mental health treatments. Democrats blame the public selling of military weapons. Democrats want to ban the sale of these firearms. Republican no!

Killing sprees continue daily and monthly. Republicans want teachers armed. The NRA adores that ridiculous concept. Gun purchases skyrocketed. What if a teacher accidentally murders a student? Or a pupil uses a teacher’s loaded gun? Horrifying!

We never vote Republican. Choose those who want to address this dreadful American problem.

This problem only exists in our nation. Who will halt this slaughter if not voters? Republicans won’t assist since they’re the problem. They get paid to ignore it. This ridiculous situation can only be solved by banning these automatic firearms meant for mass slaughter and war usage.

Vote wisely today and next November. Learn about candidates. Prioritize your kids. Examine them. You adore. Who killed the children? Parents and grandparents must take some responsibility for not supporting preventive laws. We don’t support politicians who could start ending mass killings.

We must vote out Republicans who oppose kid safety. I realize Indiana is “red,” but children come first.

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