Party chair says Labour “expects” to win next general election 2023

As a result of the results of the local elections held just one week ago, the chairwoman of the Labour Party has stated that she is optimistic about the party’s chances of winning a majority in the upcoming general election.

During an interview on Sky News, Anneliese Dodds was asked if she expected, as opposed to hoped, to establish a majority government in the next election. In response, she stated, “Yes, I genuinely do, on the basis of these results.”

In the upcoming general election, Labour ‘expects’ to gain a majority

“I believe that not only did we see the advantage for Labour obviously widening, but we also saw that Labour was winning, and with very substantial swings, in a lot of the places that are crucially important for us to establish that majority government. I think that both of these things contributed to our realization that Labour is likely to win the election.

“Of course, these elections did not take place in Scotland, and in fact, we are making progress there as well, so yes, I do believe that we are on track to form a majority government,” he said. “These elections did not include Scotland.”

Her remarks come only a few days after Sir Tony Blair warned that Labour should not be “complacent” in the wake of the recent local elections, which saw the party gain just over 500 council seats while the Conservatives lost about 1,000.

The results of the local elections, according to pollsters, showed that Labour was on track to win the next general election; nevertheless, Sir Keir Starmer might not be able to secure an overall majority.

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