New York cannabis authorities approve 50 additional licenses 2023

New York cannabis regulators issued 50 additional licenses to operate adult-use marijuana businesses in the state on Thursday, bringing the total number of licenses issued since the market’s launch to 215.

As part of a social equity and economic plan, the state of New York announced the issuance of new licenses for the legal cannabis market.

In recent months, the legal cannabis sales sector has struggled to expand, prompting New York officials to declare a slew of measures aimed at bolstering the industry.

Cannabis business licenses have been issued in New York.

A legal challenge to the provision requiring licenses to be granted to individuals affected by previous marijuana laws has hampered the expansion of cannabis businesses in certain regions of the state.

State regulators are cracking down on illegal cannabis sales with increased penalties and the ability to close stores selling without a license.

The approval of cannabis licenses is ongoing for an industry that is expected to generate more than $2 billion for the state’s economy.

“The Cannabis Control Board’s approval of 50 additional CAURD provisional licenses represents a significant step toward realizing our vision of an equitable cannabis industry. The chair of the Cannabis Control Board, Tremaine Wright, stated that these licenses provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to participate in the legal market, help shape and develop retail, and stimulate innovation and diversity in New York’s cannabis supply chain.

Given federal regulations, state legislators are also evaluating how cannabis businesses have struggled as cash-only enterprises.

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