Madison Cawthorn: US mass shootings and big gun numbers Unrelated 2023

After pleading guilty to a minor gun charge, a former Western North Carolina legislator who took a pistol to an international airport claimed he saw no link between mass massacres and gun ownership in the US.

Former 11th District Rep. Madison Cawthorn pointed out that Serbia has tight gun control regulations after a recent horrific massacre.

“A terrible loss of life,”

Serbia has tighter gun ownership laws than certain US states, but in the 1990s, hundreds of thousands of illicit guns from wars in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo poured Serbia, and tens of thousands of individuals hold legal firearms for hunting, Reuters reported.

The same survey puts Serbia third after the US and Yemen with 39 weapons per 100 inhabitants, but major shootings are rare there.

Cawthorn, who moved from Henderson County to Florida earlier this year, was interviewed May 5 after pleading guilty to a gun-related crime in Mecklenburg County District Court.

“When we’re moving that fast up from district to D.C., oftentimes our bags are packed by staffers just grabbing things from the house if we don’t have time to go ourselves,” he added. I just didn’t check inside that bag. I packed my luggage for the activities that day and got my backpack for the airport the next day. Unfortunately, I was in a rush and didn’t sit down and go over it.”

On April 26, 2022, he was cited for carrying a pistol to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. He pled guilty to carrying a deadly weapon on Charlotte city property. $250 fine. Gun forfeiture is not necessary.

Cawthorn stated he didn’t know he had a pistol in his backpack when he went to the airport in his post-plea interview.

He now favors airport gun bans and is more cautious.

“I practiced on my way up here from Florida yesterday, emptied my entire bag out into my trunk and just went through every single nook and cranny, made sure there was nothing that was inappropriate to go through TSA security,” he added.

Four months after resigning, Cawthorn pled guilty. He lost the Republican 11th U.S. House District primary to state Sen. Chuck Edwards, who won the election.

Cawthorn said he wants to return to politics but wouldn’t say how.

I let God decide. I’m a devout Christian. I’ll follow him wherever. “Whenever,” he said. I’m loving life outside politics. It’s excellent to relax and watch.”

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