Love Bikes? Two-wheeler Puns That’ll Rev Your Engine and go ‘That’s a Stretch!’

You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll wet your spokes. Vroom – here we go!

  1. How do Jedi keep their motorcycle tires in place? 

They use the forks.

  1. What is Bob Marley called on a motorcycle? 

Bob Harley.

  1. What type of sound does the motorcycle of a witch usually make? 

Broom broom.

  1. What do you call a sad motorcycle?

 A moped.

  1. An undertaker can never speed on his motorcycle, Why? He’ll then become the Overtaker.
  2. What do you call a laughing motorcycle?

A yamahaHA

  1. My girlfriend, Ruth, fell off the back of my motorcycle. 

I rode on, ruthlessly.

  1. What motorcycles do ghosts prefer? 

A boo-cati.

  1. Why did the motorcycle stay at home? 

It was two-tired. 

  1. What kind of a bike does a farmer love riding? 

A Cow-asaki Moo-torcycle.

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