Iran Will Share Sanctions-Defeating Experience with Venezuela 2023

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said Tehran will share its experience in turning external sanctions into chances for growth with Venezuela.

Raisi met with the president and other National Assembly caucus leaders in Caracas on Tuesday.

Raisi praised the Venezuelan people and administration for their opposition to the system of dominance and said he focused on deepening connections and finding answers during this trip.

“There are very good potentials and capabilities in the two countries, the actualization of which can improve the relations between the two countries to a certain level despite the cruel sanctions,” he said on his official website.

Iran Will Help Venezuela Beat Sanctions

“Tehran and Caracas should turn sanctions and pressure into opportunities for progress; This movement has started in Iran and in the last two years good steps have been taken in this direction and these experiences can be used in Venezuela,” the president said.

Raisi said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has made significant progress in the fields of energy, industry and technology, and we are ready to exchange these experiences and capabilities with Venezuela.”

The president criticized the double standards of domination seekers under the guise of democracy and said, “The parliaments of Iran and Venezuela are a manifestation of the political will of the people of the two countries and they can play an effective role in expanding cooperation in different fields.”

Wednesday saw the Iranian president leave Venezuela for Nicaragua. He’ll then visit Cuba.

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