Global Leaders Must Face Aggressors 2023

Many foreign leaders ignore Russia’s threat. They say its aggressive measures don’t affect its inhabitants’ lives, careers, or children.

They overlook Moscow’s political meddling in US elections and Brexit, which still affects national and international affairs. Russia’s aggression, bombing, chemical warfare, refugee crisis, and agony in Syria, Sudan, Chechnya, and Ukraine are all too familiar.

Russia loathes democracy. The Kremlin’s propaganda machine bullies and beats democrats smears their political and economic well-being, and denigrates their decent administration.

Critical Steps for World Leaders to Take When Facing Aggression

Moscow undermines Ukraine’s sovereignty by reestablishing “Russkiy Mir” (the “Russian World”), a social wholeness idea. Even though the majority of its 260 million people live in poverty without paved roads or running water, its activities threaten the world.

Russia’s contempt for international law, institutions, and UN Human Rights Charter ideals makes it dangerous. Trade, supply chains, and employment follow.

Despite the warning indications, 40 UN members declined to name Russia a criminal state despite its ongoing war in Ukraine costing almost half a million deaths and untold suffering. The situation is escalating and might explode if Russia wins in Ukraine.

Russia must be stopped. The G7 summit on 19–21 May 2023 in Hiroshima and the July NATO conference in Vilnius are crucial occasions to reiterate a winning aim and conclude the work.

The US and other Ukraine allies should examine the following ahead of these crucial events:

  • Declare that the rule of law and global order must trump Russia’s self-interest.
  • Promote virtue over evil domestically and internationally. Discredit the aggressor’s victory. Russia’s key psychological weapon. Ukraine must win. Lose Russia. Restore normalcy. Like losing World War II to Hitler, Ukraine losing this fight will devastate civilisation.
  • Give Ukraine enough airpower and missiles to respond. Russia increased Black Sea and air raids. Ukraine’s weak. Its efforts and military aid from allies would be wasted if it fails.
  • Counter Russia’s propaganda for domestic resolve. Utilize worldwide support for Ukraine, even if certain national officials are pro-Russian.
  • Unite US and other democratic parties around freedom, democracy, and life. These underpin our culture.

The US and its allies can reassert international law and security by helping Ukraine win. All nations that haven’t bought Russia’s lies will back this. This must be done immediately to avoid the feeling of not having done enough in time.

A winning attitude reinforcing global security, international law, and human rights and freedoms is needed now. Russia must not frighten democracies into backing anything less, whether at war or in negotiations.

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