Georgian-Azerbaijani ambassadors discuss regional issues and relations 2023

In a meeting held on Monday, the Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister, Lasha Darsalia, and his Azerbaijani counterpart, Khalaf Khalafov, talked about events in the South Caucasus area as well as cooperation between Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The meeting was held as part of political discussions between the two governments. During the meeting, participants addressed the “close” collaboration that currently exists between the two countries.

Both parties agreed that the cooperation is “successfully developing both in bilateral and multilateral formats,” according to the Georgian foreign office.

The authorities stated that they were prepared to “further” enhance bilateral cooperation in a variety of categories including the economy, commerce, culture, and other areas.

The current situation in the region, as well as its difficulties and potential peaceful resolutions, were also discussed during this chat.

The parties acknowledged the significance of maintaining peace and order throughout the region, as well as the unique contributions made by Georgia and Azerbaijan and their commitment to working together toward this goal.

During the conference, participants discussed the delimitation and demarcation of the state boundary that separates the two countries, as well as the prospect of hosting another session of state commissioners to discuss the issue.

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