Can we construct Scotland’s constitutional future? 2023

American politics always mentions the Constitution.

It’s the US’s basis and crucial.

What would you include in a Scottish Constitution if you could?

What is so essential to you that you would have it as a Scottish citizen regardless of the government?

Does it include housing?

Strike rights?

Protest rights?

Right to free undergraduate education?

Freedom to vote?

This week’s essay is inspired by the First Minister’s call for a written constitution when Scotland becomes independent.

The UK has no constitutional document that protects our rights, unlike most nations.

Instead, we have many laws, principles, norms, precedents, and court rulings.

Many of these are unenforceable since their existence or significance is disputed.

They are unknown to most people.

According to the First Minister, independence would allow Scots to write a permanent constitution to establish a modern, democratic state.

Drafting the permanent constitution will involve all Scots.

Communities and organizations might be recruited to develop a constitution for the Scottish Parliament and a referendum.

Iceland, which wrote and revised its constitution with full public participation, is a notable example.

Icelanders love their Constitution.

Why a Constitution? I made several ideas at the outset of this column.

Some are threatened.

The NHS in England is at risk of privatization, and the UK government is making protests tougher.

Constitutions prevent that.

We value our children’s free college education. That’s possible.

a right no government could seize!

It’s a lot to consider, but it would be amazing to participate in.

After a vote, the draft constitution would become Scotland’s permanent written constitution, hopefully changing throughout time to be relevant.

The process would enable Scottish people to decide how our country works and defend our values.

Second, we may defend our rights and equality as the foundation of our life.

Our kids would learn it in school, and they might use it to oppose anybody who jeopardized their rights.

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