After speeding fine row, 25% of Tory voters want Suella Braverman to go 2023

A controversy over Suella Braverman’s handling of a speeding offense has led some Conservative voters to feel she should step down from her position as Home Secretary.

According to a study that was carried out by YouGov yesterday, the results showed that among Tory voters, 25% think that Ms. Braverman should step down from her position, while 44% think that she should continue in her current capacity.

She should quit, according to around 41% of respondents, while 22% of people feel she should continue serving in her current Cabinet position.

Rishi Sunak is continuing to deliberate on whether or not to launch an official investigation into whether or not the Home Secretary may have violated the ministerial code of conduct when he released these figures.

After being pulled over for speeding, the Secretary of the Home Department is said to have asked members of the civil service for assistance in setting up a private driving awareness course in an effort to keep from having points added to her license.

Yesterday, she stated that she had settled the matter by paying the fee and accepting the points, adding that she had “at no point attempted to evade sanction.” In addition to that, she stated that she was “confident that nothing untoward has happened” about the way the offense was handled.

Yesterday, Mr. Sunak discussed the issue with Sir Laurie Magnus, his ethics adviser, as well as with Ms. Braverman personally; nevertheless, the Prime Minister has not yet decided whether or not there will be an inquiry into the incident.

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