Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signage

Over the past ten or so years, digital signage has been increasingly popular, and the number of businesses using this type of communication and advertising keeps growing. In fact, MarketWatch predicts that by 2023, the digital signage business will have grown to be worth more than $23 billion.

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Why, therefore, has digital signage been so widely used?

To put it plainly, because it functions.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that using digital displays may offer a multitude of advantages to companies worldwide, including improved levels of customer and visitor engagement and increased earnings. According to study, digital displays really garner 400% more views than static ones, and an amazing 83% of information presented digitally is remembered.

Among all the advantages of digital signage, these five are particularly noteworthy since they have a significant influence on business transformation and result in tangible outcomes.

Top 5 Advantages of Digital Signage

1. Increased Involvement

Eight out of ten consumers claim to have entered a business due of digital signage, which receives 400% more views than static displays. So what impact does this have on business? More attention implies more people coming through your doors, which might result in more opportunity to influence sales. Similarly, more views equals more chances to do so.

2. Enhanced Contentment

The entire experience that your consumers enjoy may be greatly impacted by digital signage. In fact, consumers who interact with digital signage report being 46% more satisfied, according to an article in Digital Signage Today. Burkhart describes the 35% reduction in perceived wait time as “one of the best things you can do to improve customer experience,” which is most likely partly to blame for that. Better client retention may result from these kinds of enhancements to the consumer experience.

3. Increased Impulsive Buying

According to IT community expert David Bawarsky, 19% of respondents acknowledged that they have made an impulsive purchase as a result of digital signage. It’s simple to see how beneficial digital signage can be for businesses when you combine these impulsive purchases with the way it affects sales volume.

4. Greater Expansion

According to a number of recent research, several brands claim a large rise in sales following the implementation of digital signage—up to 33 percent. Furthermore, the data is unambiguous: digital signage usually increases in-store traffic and encourages customers to stay much longer. These developments contribute to bettering the financial health of companies, opening up more prospects down the road.

5. Extra Possibilities

Additionally, digital signage lessens the need for staff to do a number of labor-intensive tasks that have traditionally been their duty. Digital signage, for example, may provide a wealth of sales information in a retail setting, saving staff members time when communicating with customers. This gives them more time to have deeper talks with customers, increasing customer satisfaction and giving them more chances to build the type of sincere relationships that result in a devoted following.

It’s evident from the studies that digital signage is effective.

Digital signage has a lot of benefits, including more delighted consumers and greater foot traffic. Check out our white papers or visit our solutions page to discover more about digital signage, its advantages, best practices, and how to calculate the return on investment.