Prime Tricks For Der, Die And Das: Navigating The German Articles

If you enjoyed learning this lesson, also try the subject German Pronouns in your favourite blog “All About Deutsch”. Nevertheless, there are some guidelines that outline the noun’s gender in German and might help you study German. It’s easy to overlook to make use of the accusative type of the articles.

For instance, the nominative/accusative circumstances for female and plural nouns are the same, and the same goes for the masculine and the neuter dative and genitive. The identical rule applies to animals, although the widespread animal’s name is often neutral. The particular names for female or male animals have female or masculine articles, although. Some of the phrases you will study embrace nouns used as direct objects within the accusative case (e.g. einen Film, see example below). Masculine nouns include different articles in the accusative case—namely, den and einen.