Is dealer paint protection necessary?

The majority of auto dealers will include add-ons with your automobile purchase in an effort to sweeten the sale or just as an upsell to boost their profit margins; each option may have advantages and disadvantages of its own. The crucial query is: Should I have a paint protection detail from my auto dealer? As you can see by reading online or listening to knowledgeable “detailers,” the answer is emphatically no. However, what if the dealer is acquainted with those skilled detailers? Then, we are discussing an entirely other topic. It’s crucial to keep in mind that improper paint protection and even automobile washing in general can cause considerably more harm than good.

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Is paint protection from auto dealers worthwhile?

Paint protection is essentially a pretty basic service with very little complexity involved at all, despite the fact that it is sometimes rather sophisticated in its application and product selection. Using third-party detailing products can help preserve the glossy paint job of your new car by sealing it against deterioration, adding an additional layer of protection from the elements, and keeping paint pigments from being discolored by UV radiation. Usually, a thin layer of ceramic or plastic is applied to stop microscopic abrasives from damaging the paintwork. Depending on the materials used, the paint will typically only be preserved for a short while, but during that time the automobile may be regularly waxed and cleaned and seem like new, much easier than with an unprotected vehicle.

Why then does the internet advise against using these auto dealer services? Automobile dealers, that is. Few people have the necessary skills or training to detail cars, and neither do their subordinate employees or those in charge of getting a car ready for sale or post-sale. This basically implies that whether your new car is off the assembly line or used, it is difficult to trust a dealership to give the degree of care and attention required in auto cleaning while preparing your paint protection.

There are plenty of complaints and suggestions on blogs and comment sections to steer clear of dealership add-ons at all costs, but this need not be the case. Simply enquire about third-party detailers and whether individuals who do the paint protection service are adequately qualified whether the offer is just meant to sweeten the deal on your purchase. Knowing that the vehicle dealership had taken the trouble to reach a similar arrangement with other nearby service providers, I would be highly inclined to accept the offer of a third-party detailer using my car at no cost to me. I would also probably suggest the dealership service to others.

Thus, the following inquiries might be made to determine the quality of service provided and if it should be avoided at all costs:

Do auto dealers handle all of the detailing?

If the response is “in-house by our trained professionals,” only request to meet with the professional in question to go over the service they will be providing and ask to view their accreditations. It’s not that you’re being tough; we just want to safeguard the investment you recently made, and as you are aware, cars lose value quickly enough even without swirly paint damage.

That’s probably a smart place to start if the response is no. Find out the identity of the third party and whatever information you need to investigate them online or through our sections dedicated to the Car Detailing Directory.

The list of questions grows somewhat longer if the previous response was in the affirmative.

How is my car’s paint protection applied?

It will be necessary to apply the “sealant” straight onto the surface paintwork, thus any waxes and surface coats must be removed first. By doing this, the paint protection agent will be able to adhere to the paint and endure longer. After finished, the bodywork may be maintained in the same way as the original paint by applying waxes and other treatments on top.

Applying paint protection is a task best left to professionals who are skilled in using the materials they have selected. Don’t even contemplate doing it yourself. It is far simpler to do harm than to do it correctly. To make sure you receive the finest service possible, ask a professional vehicle detailer for guidance or get an estimate through our website.