How to Run a Successful Business Inspirational Speaker

Your workers’ experiences at your corporate event may change dramatically if you have a motivating speaker. By pinpointing the obstacles preventing people from moving forward and providing them with strategies and resources to do so, a skilled motivational speaker may energize and motivate your audience to make good changes.

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This post will look at the benefits that motivational speakers can provide to companies and provide advice on selecting the best speaker for your gathering.

What does a business motivational speaker do?

A motivational speaker is a person who uses their personal insights and life experiences to encourage others to achieve their goals.

A motivational speaker in the business world is often an authority on a certain topic who can inspire and encourage teams and people to grow and thrive. A speaker should typically have a strong background in the subject matter of their speech and be able to deliver it with authority, expertise, and a style that is captivating, motivating, and frequently entertaining.

A motivational speaker will utilize upbeat, energetic language to get individuals in the audience to reflect carefully on various aspects of their lives, careers, or jobs and to pinpoint areas in which they could do better. Their inspirational message will encourage folks to have faith and confidence in themselves.

A corporate motivational speaker may assist in bringing your team together around a single objective and in removing obstacles to development.

Motivational speakers have a strong desire to see others improve, and their message has the power to inspire change and success.

What qualities should I consider in a motivational speaker?

There are a variety of motivational speaker styles available, so it’s critical to consider your business’s needs and your preferences. Selecting the ideal speaker will guarantee that your staff members benefit the most from the occasion.

Who are the best motivational speakers for business?

Body Talk is pleased to offer a knowledgeable speaking staff that can collaborate with your groups to inspire and encourage them to make a bigger difference.

Below is a sample of our team:

Richard Newman has worked in advanced communication since 1995 and is an award-winning expert in storytelling, influence, and leadership communication. Richard specializes in teaching leaders how to communicate more persuasively. In addition to being the author of the best-selling book “You Were Born to Speak,” he frequently appears on BBC London Radio. The most prestigious speechwriting honor in the world, the Cicero Grand honor, was given to him in 2014. His book “You Were Born to Speak” was released in December 2018 and became the number one best-seller on Amazon on its opening day for both the Kindle and hardback versions.

Christian Billet was educated at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama before being awarded a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London. There, he collaborated with Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Sir Cameron Macintosh’s vocal tutor. In the West End of London, Christian sang professionally as a vocalist, appearing in productions including Phantom of the Opera, Martin Guerre and Evita, and Show Boat at the Royal Albert Hall. Christian does one-on-one VIP personal coaching, small group seminars, and expansive lectures. He frequently assists CEOs and Senior Business Leaders with public speaking appearances, assisting them in adjusting their natural styles to better fit their themes and target audiences.

Alina Jenkins is a broadcaster and presenter who has won awards. Since 2001, she has contributed significantly to BBC radio and television, frequently airing on Radio 4, BBC News, and Countryfile. Alina has given millions of listeners tens of thousands of weather predictions and produced thousands of radio episodes. She enjoys imparting the knowledge and strategies required to project confidence, maintain composure under duress, and captivate an audience. Alina is an excellent speaker for audiences looking to learn how to make dry, complicated concepts come to life since she has a plethora of expertise in explaining science.

Motivational speakers: who gains?

CEOs and recent hires alike may gain from corporate motivational speakers.

A motivational speaker may assist individuals in their early career transitions by helping them acquire the poise and confidence they might be lacking while speaking to customers or teams.

Employees in their mid-career may find it helpful to learn how to approach problems and objections more skillfully or from novel and innovative perspectives.

Motivational speakers on topics like advanced persuasive tactics, deep listening skills, and questioning may also be beneficial for senior management teams.

The most effective corporate motivational speakers are those that can simultaneously benefit every employee in the firm with their talks.