Best Selling Rolling Shutters: Aluminum Roller Shutters: Popularity and Advantages

The aluminum roller shutter line is by far our best-selling kind of roller shutters. This article discusses the benefits of roller shutters, their reasons for being so popular, and the distinctions between roller shutters that are controlled electrically and manually.

Because of all of its advantages, aluminum roller shutters are now our best-selling variety. In this piece, we examine the factors that contributed to their success and emphasize the salient features of this robust and adaptable product.

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In order to help you select the best kind of shutter for your particular requirements, we also go into detail about the distinctions between manually and electrically controlled roller shutters.

What is a roller shutter made of aluminum?

Aluminum roller shutters are a kind of window or door covering consisting of aluminum horizontal slats that are fixed on tracks and hinged together.

Why are roller shutters made of aluminum so popular?

For a number of reasons, aluminum roller shutters are a popular option.

First of all, because they are composed of strong, long-lasting materials that are challenging to break into, they provide increased security and protection.

Second, they offer insulation against heat, light, and noise, which can save energy expenses and raise a building’s general level of comfort.

Thirdly, aluminum roller shutters are a practical and easy-to-maintain option for both residential and commercial premises since they require little upkeep and are simple to clean and operate.

Last but not least, they are adaptable and can be made to match a range of window and door sizes and designs, which makes them a flexible and lovely choice for a wide range of applications.

both manual and electronic operating options

They can be powered by electricity or by hand. The method of operation is the primary distinction between an electric and manual roller shutter. An electric roller shutter is powered by an electric motor that is managed by a switch or remote control, whereas a manual roller shutter is handled by hand using a crank handle or pull strap.

Although manual roller shutters are often less expensive to install and maintain, they are labor-intensive to use and might not be appropriate for heavier or bigger shutters. Although they may be operated remotely and are more easy to use, electric roller shutters usually cost more and need access to wiring or an electrical outlet.

Adaptable roller shutter for a variety of applications

Aluminum shutters from HVP’s K-series are available in a range of sizes and forms, and they may be installed on a number of openings. ranging from a servery hatch, a welcome desk, a garage door remote control, and larger apertures such as patio doors.

Final thoughts and further details

Aluminum roller shutters have grown in popularity among our clients, and as a result, they are now one of our best-selling roller shutter types. This is because they have so many advantages, such better insulation, increased security, and less upkeep.

We encourage you to contact us for a free estimate or guidance if you’re thinking about taking on a project that calls for a roller shutter. We have a team of professionals available to assist you with any inquiries you may have. We can give you a customized solution that meets both your specific goals and your budget thanks to our experience and knowledge.